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Eco-friendly & cruelty-free dog carriers made for every body


The Perfect Fit

We have crafted our SNUGGIT sizes to ensure the best fit for you and your furry friend. We currently carry a size range between XXS-XXL in most of our SNUGGITS. The size will be determined by you, the person carrying the dog. Your height and shirt size will reflect your appropriate SNUGGIT size. The difference between each size is roughly 2 inches in length. The size of the pocket (where your best friend sits) doesn't change. Find your perfect fit here.

About the Founder

The SNUGGIT Company has been a true labour of love from the very start. Bronwen created the SNUGGIT in September 2016 when Clairence was diagnosed with a rare neurological muscle disorder. The SNUGGIT was born out of pure love and the desire for him to be close to her.

Snuggit Your Nuggit

Carry your furry friends in style and spoil them in luxury with a SNUGGIT! Whether you're on the go in the city or out on an adventure in the back country, the SNUGGIT is the best way to travel for any small sized dog. From puppy to senior, no matter the need, our SNUGGITS will bring you the comfort, safety and the durability you're looking for in a carrier for your best friend. Handcrafted in Vancouver, BC, using locally sourced and cruelty-free fabrics. Each SNUGGIT is made with love, care and close attention to detail.