Our Story

The SNUGGIT Sac has been a true labour of love from the very start. I’m a mother of two fur babies: my first baby boy Clairence and my little love Daizy Girl. I created the SNUGGIT Sac in September of 2016 when my little man was diagnosed with a rare neurological muscle disorder called Myastiena Gravis. He needed to be held upright for nearly 12 hours a day. I tried every baby carrier and nothing felt right, nor did it allow me to go out for walks or run errands comfortably. I didn't know how much time Clairence and I had together and it was important we spent a lot of quality time together. The SNUGGIT Sac was born out of pure love for Clairence and my desire for him to be close to me while he was unwell. It quickly became his favourite place to "hang" out and when we brought Daizy into the family we quickly discovered she too was in love with the SNUGGIT. It's been a great way for the dogs and I to bond and to be able to take them with me safely and comfortably. We lost Clairence in January 2017 and I am so thankful to have had him by my side everyday until the end. He is both my heart and inspiration.



Carry your furry friends in style and spoil them in luxury with a SNUGGIT Sac! These luxurious dog carriers are made exclusively for those who love to pamper their pets. Our SNUGGIT'S are being used all over the world as the best mode of transportation, whether you're on the go in the city or out on an adventure in the back country, the SNUGGIT is an excellent way to travel for any small sized dog.

From your brand new puppy, to your precious senior, no matter the age or need, our SNUGGITS will bring you the comfort, safety and the durability you're looking for when purchasing a carrier for your best friend. Each SNUGGIT Sac is individually created by hand in Vancouver, BC and all materials used to craft our carriers are locally sourced & cruelty-free. Each SNUGGIT is made with love, care and close attention to detail.