What's my SNUGGIT size?

We base our SNUGGIT sizes off of you, the person carrying the dog. 

We typically recommend going down one size from your average shirt size because we want the SNUGGIT to fit nice and snug and sit high up on your waist to support your pup! 

For Men, we recommend going up one size from your average shirt size.

Dogs between 15-25lbs, will need a SNUGGIT plus!

The SNUGGIT Plus is designed for our long, tall and rounder pups, and for double the pups - that require a little extra room in the pocket. You'll find this deeper pocket is perfect to hold the extra weight of your pup.

How do I wear my SNUGGIT?

Watch the Snuggit How-to video here :)

Or visit our How-to Snuggit blog for a detailed step-by-step.

How do I order the SNUGGIT I like in a different color?

Our SNUGGITS are available in different fabrics, and each color in that fabric is named after a special pup or person from our SNUGGIT Family.

For example: If you like 'The Lily', it is the same fabric and style as 'The Daizy', 'The Bambi', 'The Dexter', and the other Cotton Linen Snuggits. The only difference is the color.

Shop by Collection which differs from fabric to fabric, then select the color you like.

Do you offer Returns and Exchanges?

Check out our policy here! :)

All Returns are processed AFTERSHIP: http://thesnuggitcompany.returnscenter.com