Easy steps to make you a SNUGGIT pro! Get to hands-free snugglin' in no time!

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How to wear your Snuggit

Get your pup into your Snuggit

Step One: Fold

You need to fold it to wear it! Holding The Snuggit from the middle, make sure The Snuggit tag is facing out, tuck in the opposite shoulder, pushing it inside. This will fold it in half. When you receive your Snuggit, it will already be folded and ready to use!

Step Two: Adjust

Remember that The Snuggit is designed for the human who wears it, so make sure it's comfortable before putting your pup inside.

For more support: Put on the folded Snuggit, then unfold the shoulder so that the fabric drapes down your shoulder and down your back.


Keep it neat: Put on the folded Snuggit, then fold the shoulder in half one more time, so that it's tucked in on your shoulder and down your back.

Step Three: Swaddle

It's time to get your pup into the Snuggit! The easiest way is to swaddle your pup using a blanket, small towel, or our very own Snuggle Sac!

 The inside of your Snuggit has a safety hook inside to attach to a harness. Make sure to put on any harness or collars before swaddling.

 Take your swaddle of choice and place it on your pup's lower back and wrap around their belly, scooping up their back legs into their belly.

 Slowly wiggle them into the Snuggit and hook the harness. It's normal for your pup to need a few minutes to adjust. Standing is normal at first, but ideally you'll need them to sit.


Step Four: Happy Snuggling

Enjoy your Snuggit!

Your hands are free, your pup is snuggled up and secure, and your options are limitless! Here's to new memories with your bestie!