Snuggle Sac Collection

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Color: Blush

Size: Tiny

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Tiny - For our little furry friends under 10lbs. Our Tiny size will fit sweetly inside our SNUGGITs, we recommend this size for pups under 10lbs.

Big - For our bigger babies between 10lbs-20lbs, might start to get a little cramped inside our SNUGGIT but perfect for a sleep sack, car rides or a cozy bed. 

Introducing our brand new, limited release, Snuggle Sac. This cozy pouch is made with the same fabric used in our Bella Snuggle and its designed with comfort in mind. The Snuggle Sac is a triple threat: it can be used as a blanket, a cuddle cup or as in insert in your favourite SNUGGIT.

When we near the end of a roll, we'll add fabric to a Snuggle Sac to save waste. That means some Snuggle Sacs may be slightly larger. Handmade with love, each Snuggle Sac is uniquely yours!

SNUGGIT sold separately