Those who truly consider dogs man’s best friend are tickled pink to read of the many health benefits dogs can bestow on human beings; in fact, some of the most recent studies show that dog ownership during the period of infancy can increase their human’s immunity and even keep colds, ear infections and even respiratory problems at bay!


A recent review by Mount Sinai endocrinologist Dr. Caroline Kramer found that dog ownership was linked to a 24% reduction in all cases of mortality (31% for those who had already had a heart attack or stroke). It’s not all about physical health, dogs can improve our quality of life and boost our mental health!


Dogs keep us calm: Studies have shown that simply having a dog lowers stress levels. One study in particular analyzed the effects of pet ownership on cardiovascular responses to psychological stress among a group of persons in high-stress jobs, who suffered from hypertension. The results showed that those who owned pets had a less dramatic physiological response to stress (as measured by heart rate, blood pressure, etc).


Scientists believe the secret lies in the positive feelings pets can produce, which enhance our ability to react more calmly to stress. Having a pet enables us to understand what matters in life and to put problems into perspective.


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